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Generosity is our joy.
Having encountered the generosity of God, we cannot help but give generously in turn.

Having tasted the riches of God's grace, it is our joy to share our time, talents, and treasure with others. The generosity journey begins when we view our money as coming from and belonging to God first, not ourselves. This understanding moves us to give away what God has given us in order to help meet the needs of others and invest financially in God's Kingdom.

Questions & Answers

When you give to our General Fund, you make possible our ministry to both our Campus and City through Home Groups and leadership development, our Sunday Services and New Life Kids programs, our Youth Retreats and the scholarships for college students' Fall Retreat and Spring Break trips. You also help fund our facilities, our livestreams, our operations, and our personnel. Your generosity in this area is the backbone of how New Life Church runs financially and so we ask that it is the first priority in your giving.

There are also dozens of other ways that you can give at New Life Church as well. Our Benevolence Fund is available for church members and community members who are in financial hardship. From time to time, we'll let you know about opportunities to give to Campus Event Scholarships, our Justice Partnership in Southeast Ann Arbor, our international partnerships, church planting, and more. All of our staff are support-based missionaries who raise funds for their salaries and ministry expenses, so there are opportunities to give directly to individuals, or you can also give to all our staff through our Missionary Fund. We never want giving to happen reluctantly or under compulsion or for givers to feel pressure, yet we also want givers at our church to know the myriad of ways they can invest in God's Kingdom as He so leads them to do.

In 2022, we added a Fiduciary Board (who you can meet on our Leadership page). This board works with the Council of Elders in the areas of finance and human resources and oversees the legal matters of the church. Two of our pastors serve on this Board, but the rest of the board members are not employees of the church and have no financial interest in it. If you would like to contact them with any questions, their email is

Our budget begins August 1st each year. Six months into each budget year, we begin reviewing the finances for that year and planning for the next year. Our budget is always break-even with a small savings component. Similarly, our events aim to break even on registration fees and expenses, with the exception of scholarships that come from the budget or directed donations. So we evaluate what God has provided through our General Fund, discern whether we need to reduce the budget, stay steady, or are able to increase and devote more to our ministries, then begin to work on the details of what each department needs and will receive. 

If you give entirely online through, you are able to log in on our giving site and see your giving at any time. If you have also given by cash or check, then you will receive a quarterly emailed statement of giving that also includes those donations. All donors to the church will receive an emailed year-end giving statement by January 31st that includes all donations to New Life Church. If you need to update your contact information, let us know at

Email us at and we'll get back to you within a business day!

Yes! Send a check to:

New Life Church (attn: Finance Department)
1541 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

If you prefer to give cash and would like a giving receipt, please put the cash in an envelope with your name and email (or mailing) address so we can send you a receipt, then place it in one of the giving boxes in the back of our auditorium or in the lobby.