At New Life Church, we dream of equipping people for life. Part of that dream becomes a reality through our classes. Our classes focus on a few of the aspects of adult spiritual formation: biblical and theological development and practical theology lived out in everyday life. With Scripture as our foundation, each one of our classes provides a biblical overview and/or goes deeper into topics in Scripture. And each of our classes have interactive elements so it is a great way to connect with more people at our church. If you are new here, are a leader, or haven't taken a class yet, we suggest you start with Intro.  At Intro you will learn about our beliefs and doctrinal distinctives, our vision and values, and more! Please join us in the exciting journey of developing a stronger biblical worldview. All for the glory of God! 
Intro Class
Learn what we're about
This two-week class is for those who want to know what we’re about -- both newcomers and old-comers alike. We’ll share about our values, vision, history, statement of faith, and doctrinal distinctives. During the class there will be discussions in small groups so it is a great way to meet more people in our church. At each class, there are at least three members of our Elder and Minister Team so it is also a great place to meet some of our leadership and ask questions. In order to prioritize each person in our church attending this class, it is our only class we currently offer free childcare.


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Reading the Bible Well
Art & Science of Bible-Reading
This class is focused on learning the art and science of reading the Bible well. Our hope is to equip you for a lifetime of reading Scripture. Topics include: how Scripture came to be in its modern form,  where its authority comes from, methods to understand any part of the Bible, literary genre analysis, distinct characteristics of narratives, understanding the covenants, biblical grammar, word studies and more. This class will not only give you the tools for biblical interpretation, but will inspire you to love God and His Word more!


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Spiritual Gifts
This class is focused on what Scripture says about spiritual gifts, how we discern what our spiritual gifts are, and how to build up the church through using our gifts. We are passionate about supporting you in understanding, identifying and utilizing your spiritual gifts!  We tackle the hard questions, centering on Scripture as our foundation.  


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Pre-Marital Class
This class is for people who are engaged or considering getting married in the near future. The goal is to teach engaged couples what the Bible says about marriage and to help give practical tools to build a solid foundation for a Christ-centered marriage. You will be paired with a mentor couple who will guide you through discussions on such topics as biblical marriage, communication, finances, and intimacy. Note: If you are getting married at New Life Church and/or having a NLC pastor officiate your wedding, this class (or equivalent) is required.


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LGBTQ+ Class
This class is a combination of teaching, testimony, discussion, and reflection regarding how we as a church, while holding a traditional sexual ethic, can love well our LGBTQ+ siblings. In previous offerings of this class we have also had a panel with Q&A. We long to be a church that embodies grace and truth. This is a great class to grow in our knowledge and care for sexual and gender minorities.  Come learn with us!  


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Mission Workshop

Through this workshop and this focus on living sent, we pray that you will be built up in your ability and boldness to show people Jesus in your everyday life and come to see the part God has for you to play in reaching those around you.


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