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Welcome to the 90 Day Challenge!

We'd like to invite you into a 90 Day Challenge this winter. The 90 Day Challenge is a 3 month journey of daily engagement with the Discipleship Pathway. It starts Sunday, January 8th and runs through Saturday, April 8th, 2023 (1/8 - 4/8).

To sign up for the 90 Day Challenge, just fill out this form:

What is the goal of the 90 Day Challenge?

The goal of the 90 Day Challenge is building habits that lead to lifestyles of worship, community, and mission. It’s about leaning into our relationship with Jesus together and choosing to prioritize hearing and obeying with others.   

Who should go through the 90 Day Challenge?

Anyone looking to grow in lifestyles of worship, community, and mission and become more like Jesus with others. We’d love everyone at New Life Church to do the 90 Day Challenge and grow together. If you’ve already had the opportunity to go through the 90 Day Challenge, consider doing it again with someone else.

How does it work?

Daily engagements are delivered via text messaging and email. The daily content comes in the form of both written and audio (same content, your preference) averaging about 8 minutes in length (Apple & Android compatible). The focus of this content is developing daily habits that lead to lifestyles of worship, community, and mission. Nearly 50 women and men contributed to writing or reading scripts over the 90 Day Challenge. It’s a beautiful diversity of passion and voice that points you to Jesus and encourages us to grow together.    

What if I miss a day, or two, or more?

You may miss a day or two or even a week due to a vacation, work endeavor, or hectic schedule. That’s entirely ok. The 90 Day Challenge was designed to be skip-proof with interruptions in mind. It’s up to you if you go back and read or listen to the content you missed.   

What is the Discipleship Pathway?

Discipleship is about following Jesus and then refollowing him every day. It’s highly relational through a vertical relationship with Jesus and horizontal relationships with other disciples of Jesus. In an effort to have common language and practices in the process of discipleship we created a tool called the Discipleship Pathway that is designed to help form in us the three key lifestyles of a disciple - worship, community, and mission. The Discipleship Pathway is a framework to help people understand practically what it could look like to follow Jesus in everyday life, in any season, in any place, with anyone. Learning and living the Discipleship Pathway is about deepening our relationship with Jesus together through building life-long habits of WORSHIP, COMMUNITY, and MISSION and practicing the HOW of discipleship:

H. (Hear from God)

O. (Obey God)

W. (With Others)

You can read more about the Discipleship Pathway and find additional resources at

How do I sign up for the 90 Day Challenge?

To sign up for the 90 Day Challenge, simply click the link below to fill out our signup form. Those who sign up will receive an email with more information as we near the start of the 90 Day Challenge on January 8th. We’re excited to see how God works in and through this challenge.

Grace & Peace,

The 90 Day Challenge Team

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