Hello Church,

I am a big fan of the longer hours of daylight that go along with summer in Michigan.  I love that it is light shortly after I get up and daylight remains as I begin to get ready for bed.  Sunlight is good for my soul.

When it is sunny in the morning I find it much easier to connect with some verses found in the Book of Lamentations.  Jeremiah has been recounting hard times for Israel and in the third chapter he reminds people that God is merciful and His mercies are new EVERY morning.

Life is hard at times, and I often remind myself of Jeremiah’s words.  On mornings when the sun reveals itself earlier than other times of the year, I am more conscious of the fact that God is indeed merciful and that on this day, like all new days, His mercies are new once again.  Praise be to God!

I’m curious how we’ll see His new mercies today,

Graig Austin

On Behalf of the Elder & Minister Team