Dear New Life Church,

I've been reading through the Old Testament and I came across a moment when the prophet Elisha is facing the ire of the King of Aram. The King sent soldiers to capture Elisha and when they surround the town he's staying in, Elisha's servant is stricken with fear. But Elisha prays to ask God to open his servant's eyes to the spiritual reality of the moment. God answers that request, and we (as readers) are brought in on the fact that God's armies are also present and surrounding the men of the King of Aram.

Are we not like Elisha's servant most of the time? We have legitimately difficult circumstances besetting us and so we have some cause for fear, but what's the spiritual reality playing out in this moment?

What challenges are you facing right now? Have you asked God to intervene? This God that we profess to love and powerful is He?

There is no circumstance you face today or any day that is too much for Him! Don't forget to invite Him in!

On Behalf of the Elder & Minister Team