Hello New Life,

In yesterday’s sermon on Malachi, Nik reminded us that God’s solution to our spiritual brokenness, sin, and apathy is not to “try harder.” But rather, it is to give us His very presence in Jesus. At age 52, I know my temptations and my besetting sins. I have never overcome these entanglements through trying harder. I find power to overcome when I daily acknowledge them before God and confess them to my Heavenly Father. It is the grace and love of Jesus that empowers me to put to death the desires of my flesh. This Advent, as way of deepening my worship, I feel led to regularly draw near to God and acknowledge my temptations and receive His grace as a means of overcoming.

I love this season. I love worshipping the Lord with all of you. This Advent let’s be a church who worships Jesus in spirit and truth together. And let’s keep our eyes open to those the Lord may be drawing. The Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 11 (new date - more info below) is a great place to invite.

God Bless,

Pastor Rick, on Behalf of the Elder and Minister Team