Hello Church,

Thank you for all your prayers over our spring break trips. Over 120 people traveled to Destin, Florida last week and have safely returned. Stories about how God moved on these trips are emerging and we know of at least a few students who placed their faith in Jesus for the first time, some who recommitted to following Jesus, and a number who are praying about getting baptized in our upcoming baptism service on March 19th. Come on! Such incredible news. May Jesus get all the glory!!

For all of us who call New Life Church home, I invite you too to pray about getting baptized March 19th if you have not yet taken that step since choosing to follow Jesus. Whether you went on a spring break trip this past week or remained in Michigan enduring the ice storms, extra snow, and power outages like me, I believe baptism is the next step Jesus is inviting some of you to take. If you have not been baptized, would you watch this short video, and consider taking this step on March 19th? 

Psalm 90:1 says, “Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!” Lord, thank you for being our home and for calling these new brothers and sisters home this week. What an incredible God we serve!

Grace & Peace,

Jay Bennett, on Behalf of the Elder and Minister Team