Hello Church!

Yesterday we had the chance to celebrate all God has done in people’s lives through baptisms. I feel so humbled and grateful when I get to see people declare to whom they belong in getting baptized. 

We are about halfway through the season of Lent, and I have been trying to be more aware of my need for Jesus and to be confident in who I am in Him. I need this and the world around me needs this. I have been considering what it looks like to live sent during the Easter season and the Holy Week invitation cards (link below) mentioned yesterday at service are a good place to start. They are simple and have the schedule of services New Life will hold during Holy Week. An easy tool to use in inviting someone to join us in worship during that week.

I am looking forward to how God will draw near His Church as we turn our eyes to what He’s done for us.

Graig Austin, on Behalf of the Elder & Minister Team