Hello New Life!

I was so encouraged to celebrate our risen Lord with you this Easter Sunday. How remarkable that we serve a God who understands us, who is patient with us, and who pursues us. It is clear that God is drawing people to himself. In the last few weeks at church, I have met a good number of new people. Some who have never been to church before. Let’s be vigilant to live sent and keep our eyes open to what the Lord may be doing in the lives of those around us.  

Erik Weber, pastor of our Ypsilanti church plant at Eastern Michigan, told me a new attender to their church was introduced to Jesus and placed his faith in Him through watching Tik Tok videos this summer. There are people all over that need to hear about Jesus. I want to remind you that this coming Sunday is our Twenty Dollar Sunday, where the entire offering will go toward church planting. Let’s, in faith, plant the seeds to take the gospel to a new campus town.

He is risen!

Rick Keith, on Behalf of the Elder and Minister Team