Hello Church, 

Whether for you Memorial Day is a day to remember those we have lost or a day to gather with loved ones, I hope that you experience God's love for you today. He is not aloof. He delights in the details of our lives (Psalm 37:23-24).  

We have just finished our Harvest sermon series. We long to be a people who are ready for a harvest of righteousness and fruit and who remain faithful during the harvest. When you consider the harvest themes of justice, generosity, work, rest, and salvation, what is one next step you can take to be ready for the harvest? For me, I want to grow in my generosity - having eyes to see the needs around me and to not be consumed with my own sense of "lack." I desire to give with a cheerful heart. How about you? How do you want to grow? 

In the busyness of the summer months, may we not lose sight of loving God and others. 

With you in the journey, 

Gaia, on Behalf of the Elder and Minister Team