What an awesome weekend we had, Church Fam! Worshipping together in our Sunday service with a ton of newcomers was amazing. And the second annual Sunday Palooza was such a blast, wasn’t it? A special shoutout to Sara-Marie and everyone who pitched in to pull it off. From the bag toss tourney, to the ice cream truck, to the inflatables, to the dance step lesson, and the screen-printed shirts and bags, there was something for everyone and smiles and good times abounded.

We also launched two exciting things this weekend as well. The first is our annual Fall Retreat! Signups are live and more details about that are below. Secondly, we launched a new podcast,  releasing two episodes of The Sunday Worship Podcast. In this podcast we explore the “why” behind our Sunday gathering as a church, and the various elements of our Sunday service. You can check it out here!

With gratitude,

Nik Spasovski, on Behalf of the Elder and Minister Team