Hello Church,

May is a busy month.  With kids in school I think May just may be the busiest month of the year for our household.  All good things, but life is quite full.

One of the things the “fullness” of May brings is the opportunity to interact with people in my community again.  Winter has kind of sequestered us away as we attempt to stay warm, but now the sun has come out and everything is better.  I see my neighbors outside more, and with school sports back up and running I interact with a lot more people in my community.  There are chances to know more about how people are doing and how I can support them.  The busyness provides opportunities for mission.

You may find yourself with less margin, as I do - and as you do, work to notice who is with you in your busyness. Perhaps someone is there who needs to know God sees them.  Mission can happen in the crowded margins of our lives. I look forward to what God may do.

Know that God is with you as you love your neighbors,

Graig Austin
On Behalf of the Elder & Minister Team