Dear New Life,

Yesterday's Mother's Day celebration has given me some time to think about the link between Mothers and the character of God Himself. Though there is a clear distinction because God (alone) is perfect, there's also a very real opportunity for us to understand God more clearly when we look at the love, care, and protection that a Mother is designed to offer her child.

As a parent myself (though a father in my case), I know that even in the midst of my own selfishness, the welfare of my kids is still powerfully important to me. I want my kids to thrive, to grow, to be safe, to love and be loved.

Several years ago my wife and I were hiking in Colorado and came upon a bear cub. It was a heart stopping moment for us because we knew that "Momma bear" was nearby and the fact that we were standing six feet from her baby wouldn't sit well with her. We swiftly and silently backed away from that location and warned all the other hikers behind us to do the same.

That fierce protector role isn't unique to bears. It's present in mothers, too. But it didn't originate with Mom's, it came from their Creator.

So as you see Mom's in action in the coming days and weeks, be on the lookout for what you can learn about God through them!

Joel VanderSchel
On Behalf of the Elder & Minister Team