Dear New Life,

Due to the ice storm anticipated for this afternoon, we are canceling all New Life evening services, including the Ash Wednesday Service and the 40 Days of Prayer Kickoff.

The 40 Days of Prayer kickoff event will be rescheduled but we don't have that date/time settled yet. This event is a joint church event, so the best info can be found at this GroupMe ( Our local contact is Shepherd Smith (

This decision is an easy one in terms of preserving safety and well being in our community, but a hard one because we were looking forward to starting off this Lenten season from a place of worship and humility. Though we can't do that corporately this evening, let's find ways to personally enter in to worship.

If you haven't already seen it, Jon Roe and our communications team created a bonus 90 Day Challenge devotional for this week on Ash Wednesday. In case you're like me and didn't have much experience with Ash Wednesday or even Lent in general, this is a great introduction to the topic.

Ash Wednesday Bonus episode



I also want to encourage you to be on the look out for people in need today. Ice storms have a way of creating chaos and need, so let's be vigilant to be God's hands and feet.

May the Lord keep you safe and well,

Joel VanderSchel, on Behalf of the Elder & Minister Team