Hello Church,

It was great to have Ali Seely bring Amani ya Juu to us last Sunday. Amani is a very special place that is close to my family’s heart.  We love the women there and are so thankful you had a chance to see some of what they do. If you were able to stop by and see or purchase the things they have made, thank you. It makes a huge difference.

As we get closer to Christmas we will have the opportunity to join with Christian Love Fellowship and provide Christmas gifts for kids. These are kids who are represented in families that are served through the food distribution that we join Christian Love Fellowship in. In the next few weeks, we will have boxes in the lobby (and in Frieze House) where you can place toys for kids under the age of 11. There will be opportunities to donate and distribute the gifts in early December. 

Generosity remains our joy, and these two opportunities are a part of that joy.

Graig Austin, on Behalf of the Elder and Minister Team